How To Find A Boyfriend – Four Tips Women Should Know About

a couple talking in a corridorDoes it seem like everyone except you can find a boyfriend? If you have decided to do something about it, then good for you.

Finding someone who will make you happy doesn’t have to be complicated. Here we have outlined some useful tips to help you on your quest so following these simple pointers should help you.

What Do You Want In A Boyfriend?

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start looking for a boyfriend. Take some time to think about what the ideal relationship would be like for you. What kind of qualities should your partner have? Sharing some common values, goals and a similar worldview will help you build a strong and happy relationship that will last the long term. You will also need to know the signs that tell you he is the right boyfriend for you.

Don’t settle for someone who doesn’t share the values and goals that matter most to you or this could create conflict in your relationship later on. This can be avoided by firstly getting clear on what is important to you have connected with your own deeper values.

Looking Good And Feeling Good

Your appearance and your attitude matter if you want to meet men. More men will notice you and approach you if you look good and if they get the impression that you are happy and easy to talk to. This is an important point, but it can be tricky for many women as they don’t want to appear like a floozy by seeming too easily available to men. However, it isn’t about that. All that matters is that you look like a friendly, happy and approachable person and men will be far more inclined to want to approach you.

Focus on finding a look that works for you and more importantly, look for styles that make you feel good about yourself. Don’t hesitate to try new clothes, new hair or even new makeup to see what makes you feel confident.

Meeting Men

How can you meet men who are genuinely interested in pursuing a relationship? Your friends are probably going to recommend online dating or local bars. The truth is that you can meet men anywhere. In fact, it is best to approach men in a setting where you feel comfortable.

Think about joining local groups dedicated to your hobbies, attending work-related events, or socializing with your friends and their own circles.

Friends are an excellent way to meet new guys, not only because they may know someone who is just right for you, but they are also great to go out with to help you find and attract a man.

Here is a great article on the best places to meet guys.

Making The First Move

You can wait for a man to notice you and to take the first step. Or you can decide to take things into your own hands and to initiate the conversation. Coffee shops, shopping centres and gyms can all be great places to meet guys.

a woman talking to a man in a gym

Approaching a man you don’t know can be intimidating, but remind yourself that you don’t have anything to lose. They will probably be flattered that you approached them and find it refreshing that you don’t expect them to make the first move.

Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with someone you meet at work, at a party, while attending a local event or even while shopping!

You don’t need to come out with a chat-up line or even make it blatantly obvious that you like the guy. In fact, subtlety works better for women and will help you to feel more comfortable and confident. Simply asking a guy for the time or directions can provide enough space and encouragement for him to continue the conversation with you.

Shopping lines can also be a great place to strike up an innocuous conversation. Commenting on some of his shopping items in a matter of fact and a non-judgemental way can be a great conversation starter.


You can find an amazing boyfriend if you know what you are looking for in a man and take the decision to approach men instead of waiting for them to make the first move. Bear in mind that you do not have to be overtly obvious when approaching a guy at all. It can be as subtle as asking for the time. The main objective is to create an initial connection and allow some space for him to reciprocate the conversation. Remember that there are plenty of other ways to meet men if online dating and bars are not for you!