How To Improve Communication With Your Boyfriend

a couple communicatingIt’s great to be in a relationship with someone you love and who loves you back. Having special moments and experiences to share with someone special is a blessing to truly treasure.

Having good communication with your partner is one of the most important ingredients to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

If you do not have this essential virtue between the two of you, misunderstandings can easily happen, which can lead to fights and can in some cases bring about the end of the relationship.

As you can see, this is a hugely important topic, so if you feel that the communication is lacking in your relationship then here in this article are some important tips that you can use to improve the ways in which the two of you can communicate together.

One of the biggest keys to good communications is reciprocity and openness. If you are communicative and open with your guy, then chances are he will reciprocate in kind.

Take a genuine interest in him

This first point seems simple, but it really does need to be stated for a lot of people. If you do take a genuine interest in your boyfriend and take the time to understand his likes and dislikes, what makes him happy and caring that his needs are also being met in the relationship, then he will also want to do the same for you.

When he is talking to you about something that is of interest or importance to him, take the time to genuinely listen and show your openness and eagerness to understand where he is coming from. Here is more useful information on good listening skills.

Ask him about his day

Be sure to ask him about his day, what he enjoyed the most and if there were any frustrations he had thought the day. If he seems to need help with something and it is something you can help with, offer your support and let him know you are there for him.

Ask him what is important to him about the things that are important to him

It’s great we all have hobbies and interests. It’s even better if you can have interests that you share together. However, have you ever take the time to delve a little deeper to understand exactly why your man enjoys the things he does? What is it about those activities that brings him so much joy and excitement? The same goes for his career or any aspirations that he has. This will help you to understand his values and then be more able to communicate with him in a more meaningful way.

Taking the time to discover his passion and understanding what makes him tick will not only deepen the connection between the two of you, it will also enable you to communicate with him on a deeper level. Here are some more important things to share in common from

Aim to listen to him

When he is talking, be sure to listen to him. This sounds obvious, but so many people are distracted when they are having a conversation with someone. Checking your phone, looking the other way or daydreaming are not good things to be doing when your boyfriend is trying to say something to you.

a couple talking to each other

Encourage him to speak about his feelings

Encouraging him to talk about his feelings, good or bad is an excellent way to get him to be more communicative with you. If he has good experiences with you, then ask him about them.

Let him know you are there for him and that it is safe for him to open up to you.

Voice any concerns you have

Sometimes our partner may say something in total innocence, but it could be misconstrued to have another meaning. If the comment or gesture was innocent then all the more likely your partner will have no idea that you may have taken it the wrong way.

If you feel that something was said or done unpleasantly or you’re not too sure what the meaning was behind it, then always ask them for clarification. More often than not this kind of thing usually turns out to be a completely innocent misunderstanding, which could have been allowed to fester and thus cause issues in your relationship.

Bringing things up in the first instant is always the best way to go so that you can clear the air and not allow things to fester.

Spice Things Up!

Another great reason for having open communication with your boyfriend is that it more easily opens him up for dirty talk. Guys love it when their lady talks dirty to them, especially in unexpected ways.

Using your voice tone, slowing down your speak and of course, selecting those naughty words that will light him on fire will all go a long way to spicing up the passion in the bedroom.

Often, women can feel a little shy when it comes to pillow talk. Bear in mind it takes practice and just a little bit of confidence on your part. However, you will be surprised at just how quickly you adapt to this new method of foreplay, and just how much he loves it.

Spend some time alone first rehearsing your naughty lines and seductive tones in front of the mirror. This may make you laugh, but it is a lot of fun and you will soon get the hang of it. With practice comes perfect, after all! However, the real practice will be when you actually do it for real with him. If he has any experience with this then he will also likely do it back to you, which is a huge turn on for both parties. just relax and have fun!


As you can see, there are many areas to consider when working on improving communication between you and your partner. Taking the time to understand him on a deeper level will always stand you in good stead and he will feel much more appreciated as a result.

Be sure to listen to what he is saying, not just his words but his meaning. If he seems not to listen to you as much as you would like then be honest and tell him so. He may not even realize, but once you draw it to his attention it can be something he can work on.

Ultimately, have fun with your communication and aim to create an honest, open environment where the two of you feel completely at ease to be yourselves and talk to each other from the hear.

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